Trust: Sweet Iron 3 loose ring cherry roller

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Sweet Iron:
A Trust Sweet Iron mouthpiece is handcrafted from two or three metals: stainless steel, sweet iron and brass.
A Trust bit differs on the one hand because of its construction according to the latest anatomical knowledge of the horse's mouth and on the other hand by the materials from which the bits are made.

What is sweet iron?
Sweet iron is a metal that takes on a beautiful blue color when heated. This treatment of Sweet Iron causes a slight oxidation to begin as soon as the bit comes into contact with saliva, which creates a sweet taste for the horse and the horses accept the bit better.

Construction and key features:
Materials: stainless steel, sweet iron, brass
Color: The blue color is NOT an alloy, it is created by heating the material
Anatomical shape: Always optimally adapted and modified for the respective mouthpiece and its length. This avoids the nutcracker effect and guarantees the optimal position of the mouthpiece in the horse's mouth.
Connection of the mouthpieces: As small as possible. In order to make it as comfortable as possible for the horse to accept the bit, the small size avoids piercing the connecting rings in the palate.

Bit thickness: 16 mm