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The liquid Stiefel Broncho Plus for acute cases - a bronchial elixir with liquid herbal extracts in a practical dosing bottle. The recipe has recently been improved again: an extra serving of quendel, also called wild thyme, and star anise now support the regeneration of the respiratory tract even more intensively. The natural cleansing of the lungs can be effectively stimulated, and harmful particles, bacteria and dust can be eliminated more effectively. Star anise has a sweet, licorice-like taste that many horses like. With this tasty ingredient, Broncho Plus is usually even better accepted. Stiefel Broncho Plus can relieve the airways and bronchi in the case of posture and feeding-related respiratory problems. Concentrated herbal extracts can have a positive effect on the respiratory system.

Complementary feed for horses

1 l dosing bottle


1,2-propanediol (E490) 16.00%; Dextrose 4.00%; cane molasses 2.50%

Analytical components:

Crude protein 0.00%; Crude fiber 0.00%; Crude oils and fats 8.00%; Crude ash 0.00%; Humidity 69.30%

Additives per kg:

Technological additives: Sodium propionate (E 281) 20000 mg; Potassium Sorbate (E 202) 10000 mg; Citric acid (E 330) 70000 mg

Sensory additives: Mixture of aromatic substances (extracts of thyme, fennel, anise, primrose root, chestnut and chamomile) 80,000mg

Feeding advice:

Large horses: (600 kg body weight) 30 ml / daily.

Small horses: 15 ml / daily.