Leather covered chain lead

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The Kentucky leash “Leather Covered Chain” is made of an imitation leather (100% animal friendly).
Our special synthetic leather does not absorb water or dirt, does not break or change color. It is more flexible than real leather and is therefore easier to use. The leash lies very comfortably in the hand and has an additional loop at the end.

The complete length of the leash is 2.70m. The chain has a length of 60cm and is covered with an imitation leather. Not only does it look better, it also makes the horse feel better.

The carabiner is in gold and can be perfectly combined with all of our holsters,

The Leather Covered Chain leash can be easily cleaned with our Kentucky Horsewear Tack Cleaner. The Tack Cleaner was specially developed to clean the synthetic leather perfectly - really, very easily and quickly. (Note: The synthetic leather must not be cleaned with glycerine.)

- Imitation leather (100% animal friendly)
- Easy maintenance
- Fits comfortably in your hand
- With a loop at the end
- Complete length: 2.70m
- Length of the chain: 60cm
- Chain covered with an imitation leather: good feeling for the horse
- The emblem can also be engraved with your own name - it is removable
- Gold carabiner
- Can be combined with our halter
- Color: brown