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Multivitamin - multimineral complex plus iron and amino acids

Performance is a dietary supplement rich in iron, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It was developed to ensure the supply of nutrients that is usually missing or inadequate in normal food. It is enriched with iron and amino acids and helps to improve athletic performance and increase the immune system. The recovery phase after physical exertion is significantly shortened. Loss of appetite after illness can be reduced.

Composition: Demineralized water, citric acid, dextrose, potassium sorbate, xanthan gum, sucrose, chicory extract (yucca extract), natural flavorings.

Contents per kg: L-lysine mg 25,000 vitamin B2 mg 1,000 vitamin A U.l. 1.0000.000Manganese Sulphate mg 1.250 DL-Methionine mg 10.000 Vitamin K3 mg 75 VitaminD3 U.I. 100,000 zinc sulfate mg 3,570 L- threonine mg 8,000 folic acid mg215 vitamin B12 mcg 4,000 iodium (potassium iodide) mg 7 iron sulfate mg 11,000 vitamin H2 (biotin) mcg 1,000 vitamin B1 mg 1,000 selenium (SoliumSelenite) mg 20 cobalt sulfate mg 60 choline mg 6.515 Vitamin B6 mg 240Vitamin E Ul 1,000 copper sulfate mg 1,150 D-pantothenic acid mg 1,560

Feeding instructions / day: Recommended dosage 60 ml./day of PERFORMANCE in addition to the usual daily feeding. Or for preventive use 30ml / day. Sufficient for approx. 3 - 6 months. Costs about 48 cents per day.

A 5 kg bucket is supplied