Equine: Supreme More Muscle

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Muscle building preparation with active ingredient accelerator L-lysine

MOREMUSCLE is a product for all horses in which an increase in muscle mass and an increase in energy availability is desired. It serves to maintain an optimal muscle tone. It is therefore ideally suited for horses in training, for horses that are in the process of rebuilding after an injury, and for sports horses. It also helps relieve muscular tension and sore muscles.

Short-chain peptides, amino acids with a high bioavailability, milk proteins, isolated soy protein, brewer's yeast (Saccharomices Cerevisiae), conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), monohydrate L-creatine, protected cod liver oil, L-lysine, DL-methoinine, L-threzaonine, sativa oryzanol (gamma oryzanol) ), protected sulfur, zinc, locust bean gum, sucrose, dextrose, natural flavorings.

Feeding instructions / day:
In addition to the usual daily feeding, 3 dosing units (60 gr.) Of the product twice a day, which corresponds to a daily dose of 120 gr. / Day.