Equine: Supreme Entero-B

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Areas of application: Entero-B is a dietary supplement. It improves the functionality of the intestines by restoring the internal balance of the bacterial flora on which the animal's general well-being depends, thereby improving digestion and food intake. Entero-B is a product consisting of prebiotics and probiotics combined with special vitamins and minerals. It promotes the assimilation of the nourishing components and leads to an increase in muscle mass. Improves athletic performance and reduces recovery times after athletic performance. Improves the quality of skin and hair and stimulates the immune system. It is indicated in all cases of changed bacterial flora, such as dysentery, after colic or special stressful situations. If it is fed to breastfeeding mares, it ensures a higher milk quality due to the improved digestive process, which promotes better growth of the foals.

Composition: Brewer's yeast (SaccharomicesCerevisiae), dehydrated alfalfa flour, FOS (fructoligosaccharide), locust bean gum, thermally activated aluminum silicates, roasted barley, glutamine, monocalcic phosphate, pectin, AspergillusOryzae, Plantarum Bacillus, Oryzae, Plantarum Bacillus, Lacticobacillus: 105 gr, vitamin A (protected), vitamin D3 (protected), vitamin E (alfa-tocopherol 96%), vitamin B 1, vitamin B 2, vitamin B 6, vitamin H 1 (PABA), vitamin C, iron (amino acid chelate) , Iodine (potassium iodide), cobalt (mono-co-carbonate), copper (amino acid chelate), magnesium (amino acid chelate), zinc (amino acid chelate), selenium (sodium selenite)

Feeding instructions / day: Sport horses (high dosage): Add 100 g / day to the usual feed. Or as a maintenance dose of 50 g / day. One dosage unit corresponds to 20 gr.