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Noble leather, sophisticated fabrics, glitter and sporty textiles: these are the protagonists of the helmet collection, which was released by KEP Italia at the beginning of 2016, in order to once again demonstrate its chameleon-like ability to constantly innovate, while remaining true to its own values and to offer high quality standards. Processed leather, shimmering velvet, silk, denim fabrics and previously unpublished versions of snakeskin are the selected materials for the outer cladding of the new helmets. They are offered in matt lacquered versions (textile), but can also be manufactured in a glossy finish and can be individually designed down to the smallest detail. Thanks to the KEP AIR CONTROL SYSTEM, the inside temperature of the helmet is always constant. It guarantees optimal ventilation by controlling the internal temperature and air circulation via the air channels provided in the polystyrene. Aesthetic beauty, comfort, lightness and safety are therefore keywords that best describe the KEP helmet collection. We recommend visiting the CARE AND MAINTENANCE page, which tells you how to preserve the beauty of helmets with special linings (such as leather, python leather and snakeskin). Straps with 5-point attachment to the helmet shell. The inner lining made of Coolmax functional fabric is breathable and comfortable. It can be taken out and washed by hand, in the washing machine at 30 ° C or in cold water. You can have your helmet customized manually using airbrush or other techniques.
  • Weight: +/- 450 grams