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The helmet collection with decorative elements in stone and mother-of-pearl is again one of the countless proofs of the lively creativity of KEP Italia, which offers riders innovative and unknown innovations at all times and makes them want to try out helmets that have never been seen before. This jewelry line underlines the excellence of a production carried out exclusively in Italy, which delivers high quality products even with difficult processing. This requires the greatest attention, technical skill and, above all, a lot of research and competent specialist knowledge. The materials chosen by KEP Italia for this collection are malachite (a hard stone that is often used in the production of jewelry and valuables due to its nuances and beautiful shades that go from light green to dark green), rhodonite (another hard, pink, black-speckled stone, whose name comes from the Greek word for pink and which is often used to make jewelry, statues and ornaments), lapis lazuli (an intensely blue stone that has always been regarded as valuable, which is often used to make jewelry ), Obsidian (a volcanic stone also mined in Sardinia and used for the production of extremely valuable jewelry), ruined marble (a hard stone mainly composed of limestone and clay, found exclusively in Tuscany and whose name comes from its texture which often reminds of a landscape and which is characterized by the color contrast between gray, red-brown, see black and sky blue), mother-of-pearl of the abalone (a shell widespread in all seas, whose mother-of-pearl is known for its special play of colors in all colors of the sea - blue, green and silver), and the mother-of-pearl Superlativa® (a special, patented micro-layer, which is produced in an innovative way in Italy using an environmentally friendly process). The technology used to make the Mother-of-Pearl Superlativa® allows it to be combined with any surface, experimented with new colors and new designs, always maintaining the perfect balance between modern technologies and the craftsmanship of the products themselves. There is also always strict attention to environmental compatibility. Straps with 5-point attachment to the helmet shell. The inner lining made of Coolmax functional fabric is breathable and comfortable. It can be taken out and washed by hand, in the washing machine at 30 ° C or in cold water. You can have your helmet customized manually using airbrush or other techniques.
  • Weight: +/- 450 grams