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The CROMO CARBON helmet is characterized by a special cladding of the front and rear inserts. It is made from carbon fiber, which creates a powerful and lightweight structure. This material improves impact resistance, shock absorption and lightness. Carbon fibers form a thread-like and very thin structure. In making composite materials, like the ones we use to cover our helmets, the fibers are first braided to make a carbon fiber fabric that is then placed in the mold. The most important properties of this special material made of carbon are the higher mechanical resistance, the low density, the thermal insulation and the resistance to temperature fluctuations. The CROMO CARBON helmets are available in two types of weave: TWILL, the classic weave of carbon fibers, and PLAIN WEAVE, a new type of weave that is offered in two variants: a lighter (silver) and a darker (black), which are straight and correspond to the wrong stitches. The CROMO CARBON helmets are equipped with ventilation slots that have a special mesh to improve air circulation. Strap with 5-point attachment to the helmet shell and magnetic closure. The inner lining made of Coolmax functional fabric is breathable and comfortable. It can be taken out and washed by hand, in the washing machine at 30 ° C or in cold water. You can have your helmet customized manually using airbrush or other techniques.
  • Weight: +/- 456 grams